Strumming Patterns For Guitar

Hey! Welcome to beginners online guitar lessons where today we are going to teach you about strumming patterns for guitar.

One of the main ways to tell if a guitarist is mediocre or exceptional is by his strumming.  Your guitar is actually brought to life according to how well you can strum.  In a band it is an argumentative point as to whether the rhythm guitarist or the lead guitarist is more important.  Obviously both are needed with their different special skills which bring the music to life.

So what we are going to do today is study some strumming patterns for guitar to get you started.  First of all make sure your guitar has been tuned and that you have a pick.  If so you are ready to begin playing.

O.K. so lets start off with a very basic strumming pattern.  Basically up, down, up down with your right hand and your left hand playing any chord.  Count with the strumming one and two and three and four and one and two and three and four.  The ‘and’ is always the upward strum (keep that in mind).  Keep going until you’ve really got a steady rhythm going.

The motion is going to come from your wrist mostly.  Make sure you are strumming over the whole to get the greatest sound.  And don’t be afraid to strum loudly either.

O.K. so once we’ve got that under control we are going to move on to another more versatile strum that is used in pop, rock, and country music.  Don’t panic!  It really isn’t more complicated, we are not adding anything.  Actually what we are doing is taking away one of those strums.

What we want to do is to remove the strum on the count of ’3′.  Your wrist still needs to make the motion of the strum but in actual fact you won’t be touching the strings.  The only factor that is changing is that you are going to deliberately not touch the strings on the count of 3.  You need to keep practicing this until you get it 100% and it becomes second nature.  As you get the hang of it try strumming this a little faster.

The next strumming pattern we’re going to learn is again by taking away another strum but still making sure our right hand is playing in the same rhythm without missing a strum.

This time your going to count “1, 2 and, and 4 and”  You’ve got to get the rhythm in your head first in order to be able to play it on the guitar.

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4 Responses to Strumming Patterns For Guitar

  1. cham says:

    Love those patterns! I played a lot in the church last Sunday and it really feels good to hold the guitar again.

  2. Jan Osbert says:

    This is one of the more popular strumming patterns. Once you get a hold of this, you will be able to play most of the songs you know. I know I did. When I learned this, I eventually found out that I could apply the same type of strumming pattern to the other songs I knew.

    • admin says:

      Yes, absolutely Jan. The guitar really isn’t as complicated as people tend to think. The same principles can be applied to hundreds of songs.

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